Suomen Vaimennin Oy

Railway Applications


To serve the railway market in the best possible way, Suomen Vaimennin has developed various product lines
with own features and benefits..
Ultrahigh-speed trains require sophisticated systems of perfectly adjusted damper components in order to
attain the highest levels of safety and comfort. The high quality standards is the basis on which we develop
innovative and ideal solutions, in close cooperation with our customers in order to optimize the damper
design for each specific application.

SV produces shock absorbers for:
- Primary & secondary suspension (horizontal & vertical)
- Yaw dampers
- Anti-roll dampers (between two cars)
- Special applications

We specialize in primary suspension shock absorbers, where relatively small amplitudes and higher velocities are met.
In these applications, the long service life of our shock absorbers excel. Warranty is 3 years or 1,2 mil. km for railway shock absorbers.

We can also offer repair and test services for all of our shock absorbers.